7 Facts about the London eye

The London eye used to be the worlds biggest ferris wheel and is currently holding the place of the biggest ferris wheel in Europe. The construction was originally developed as a temporary attraction to welcome the new millennium. The wheel brought up so much attention that eventually turned into a permanent monument. Scroll down to read some of the facts that a few people know about.

  • London’s eye is a replacement rather than something new.

Back in the 1896 London has hosted the Great wheel. The was originally built for the empire of India Exhibition at the earls court. The Great wheel was removed in the 1905.

  • There was a delay in it grand opening.

While London’s eye was supposed to open in the 1999 to the public. This plan was delayed, and would go on to host only a few VIP guests in the 1999. The wheel would later open for the public in March of 2000.

  • It is constructed by a famous car manufacturer.

The wheel is designed by a UK designer, but while its parts are made from UK steal all the manufacturing was done in the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. While the famous car manufacturer Skoda was also involved in the process providing iron spindle.

  • It remains Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel after 20 years.

London’s eye is 135m tall and was the tallest ferris wheel in 2000. Since then there are new projects such as the Star of Nanchang being 158m (2006), the Singapore Flyer being 165 m (2008), and Lad Vegas’s High roller being 168m (2014).

  • Lighting engineering makes it unique.

The wheel is engineered to display a broad garment of colors. The color combination varies depending on the occasion. For example during the wedding of prince William the wheel was lit red, white and blue.

  • It has a permanently empty capsule.

In the city of London there is a superstitious perception about the number 13. People believe the numbat to be unlucky and is connected with a broad variety of strange coincidences. This is enough of a cultural impact to render the capsule number 13 permanently empty.

  • It has a royal capsule.

UK has named one of the capsules “the coronation capsule” to mark the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II in June 2013.

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