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testing a car

What are the Best Things to Do When You Buy a Car? How to Look for a Test Drive

BygeorgeskefFeb 21, 20227 min read

The majority of car buyers never take more than a brief test drive of a new or used vehicle. Testing new cars is essential with all the new technology and features found in modern cars and trucks. A survey by Cox Automotive found that only 32 percent of car shoppers know exactly what vehicle they want before they begin their car shopping. 55% of those who test drive a vehicle end up buying…

Digital marketing strategies for 2022

100 Digital Marketing Statistics to Support Your 2022 Strategy

BygeorgeskefJan 17, 202219 min read

Marketing departments are subject to increased pressure from customers and C-level executives. They are continuously urged to stay on top of consumer demands, create customized customer experiences and demonstrate a clear results…

How to Find Sustainable Spices

How to Find Sustainable Spices

BygeorgeskefJan 16, 20226 min read

The notoriously transparent industry of spices is a challenge for US customers, who might be wondering where their spices came from, and if they’ve been produced ethically and sustainably. The average jar of…

Metaverse Real Estate Boomin. Soon To Be The Most Popular Investment

Metaverse Real Estate Boomin. Soon To Be The Most Popular Investment

BygeorgeskefJan 12, 20228 min read

The transactions for properties that are digital are in a state of flux and are governed by the same logic that is used in real life. This revelation will change…

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